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the seasoned cops to shake their heads. >> reporter: police have seen a lot of different types of crimes from different suspects but rarely if ever have they seen a four month old baby girl on an alleged string of crimes. surveillance video captured the suspects casually walking into a target store, one pulling a cart with her baby on board. police say it was the young women's final stop on an unusual eight-hour crime spree. >> women don't tend to be the ones that go around doing burglaries in the daytime. but what really threw us for a loop was the fact that they had a four-month-old baby with them. >> reporter: police say the 26- year-old raven stewart, the mother, the friend and alleged accomplice 24 years old both from oakland started breaking into cars in berkeley and emeryville starting noon last friday. >> they were committing the burglaries almost as fast as the police officers responding to the calls. >> reporter: one report came from expression center for new media where a car was broken into matching the several other smash and grab type burglaries that took place that day.
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>> they broke into cars, steal the contents and were just amassing a collection of stolen items. >> reporter: such as? >> everything. ipods, loose change, you name it. they were taking these items but what really did them in is they tried to turn them back in at target. >> reporter: security captured photos of suspects and car a white honda. police shareholders it with private security companies in town. one located the suspect's car in the target parking lot. target security then zeroed in on the two suspects in line at the returns counter. >> they made some returns. and with those returns, they returned items that were taken out of a vehicle. >> reporter: he says they cashed in the stolen items for almost $200 in target gift cards. a target security camera then followed the suspects to the parking lot with one of them still pulling the cart with her baby. seconds later, police converged and arrested the pair. the baby was taken into protective custody and later turned over to another family member.
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>> not only good police work put great work on security teams here in emeryville. they called us when they spotted the car after we gave them a description. >> reporter: police say these two suspects may be responsible for up to 9 car burglaries in this area over the past couple of weeks. among the felony charges, allen, child endangerment for bringing along that 4-month-old baby girl. >> but as you said, that child is now with another family member associates child is safe as far as we -- with another family member, so the child is safe as far as we know? >> reporter: that's right. the child was taken into protective custody and transferred to the care of another family member, police say. >> in emeryville, thank you. a break in the string of armed robberies in the north bay. a marin city teenager is under arrest suspected in one of the robberies near a marin city bus stop. all the robberies happened in the past month. but in some cases, guns were involved.
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and an ice cream truck driver was assaulted. sheriff's deputy think the teenager might lead them to other suspects. tonight san francisco police say that they have proof that a man they killed over the weekend fired first, this after angry neighbors accused the police of killing an unarmed man. joe vazquez with the evidence that police point to tonight and the suspect's criminal past. >> reporter: he was only 19 but had an extensive rap sheet from robbery to assault to promotion of prostitution, even rape of a child. that last charge because police say he had sex with a 13-year- old girl when he was 17. >> number one here, subsequent shots. >> reporter: at an afternoon news conference, san francisco police released audio of what they say was the sound of the actual shootout between police and a suspect saturday night. 10 thoughts caught by the microphones of a police shotspotter system. [ sound of gunshots ]
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>> this audio is from the various sensors that pick up the sound of gunfire. >> reporter: although a lit any of witnesses say the man is unarmed, police say other witnesses tell them 19-year-old kenneth harding of seattle was shooting at police officers as he fled. >> we have witnesses who say they did see the flash, the muzzle flash. he fired backwards at the officers as they were running. >> reporter: police say they recovered a weapon. watch the bottom right hand corner of this youtube video and you can see a gun laying right there on the sidewalk outside the crime scene tape. according to the person who shot the cell phone video, a man in the crowd picked up the weapon and walked away. police later got it back and are doing forensics tests to see if it was the weapon fired by the suspect. meanwhile we are learning more about the man who was shot. police say harding was a person of interest in the quadruple shooting in seattle last week that killed a teenager >> she was a good person to anybody and anybody who came across her.
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she had a good heart. >> reporter: 19-year-old tenaya gilbert was killed as she sat in a parked car in seattle on wednesday. harding has an extensive criminal record in washington state. according to court documents from seattle, harding forced a 14-year-old girl from a seattle street in january 2010 and drove her to an area where he commanded her to get out and sell her body. when the girl refused, harding showed her a wad of cash and described it as ho money. the girl insisted she was not a prostitute. harding then threw her belongings out of his car and drove off leaving her in an unfamiliar area according to the police report. >> you don't shoot a dog like that! >> reporter: at a protest in the bayview, some demonstrators told me the suspect's criminal history is not important. >> child rape, promotion of prostitution. >> did they know all that before they shot him? >> robberies. >> is that something to shoot him about or did they know all of that? no. every time they kill somebody, the first thing they do is to
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demonize them. they got to demonize them! >> reporter: so a great deal of anger in the bayview district. in fact, the police department and city leaders will be meeting in the bayview district with residents on wednesday evening at 6:00, dana. you know, this has gone on for years, this mistrust. and when a police-involved shooting happens like this, you know, all the repairing of relations they have done over the years gets frayed again. >> all right. joe vazquez in san francisco, thank you. now, this is the fourth officer-involved shooting in san francisco in less than two months. back on june 7, police shot and killed a suspected bank robber they say tried to run them down. on june 29, officers shot a wanted parolee who allegedly fired at them. and then on july 3, bart police shot and killed a homeless man they say lunged at them with a knife. a man and woman are dead following a triple shooting in richmond. investigators say they found melanie williams along with an
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unidentified man shot and killed on bissell avenue near 4th about 10:15 last night. a second woman was shot. she was in critical condition and is expected to survive. police are investigating whether the attack was related to the shooting of another man about two miles away a half hour earlier. we have a feud between north richmond and our north central richmond area. we didn't know what it is at this time. >> so far, no arrests in either of those shootings. if you are heading to court, you may want to give yourself a few hours. 200 superior court workers in san francisco were laid off today. 25 courtrooms are also expected to close. now, that means paying off a ticket will take a few hours. and procedures like finalizing a divorce and lawsuits could drag on for years. the layoffs are supposed to close a $13.75 million deficit.
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>> our court is suffering because the governor and the legislature have so -- have so bay area brazenly used the judicial branch as their atm in an attempt to solve their failing budget crisis. >> the layoffs will take effect on september 30th. we have heard 5,000. we have heard of 10,000. tonight cisco confirms it is laying off 6500 people. the san francisco company announced last week that it plans to cut $1 billion from his fiscal year budget. 2100 employees take early retirement and are included in cisco's layoff number. employees will find out the first week of august. a local tech analyst has said that he expects cisco's bay area workforce to be hit hard because of the company's heavy
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staffing here. sex, blood, violence, the deadly drug war in mexico now has its own videogame. why it's already making enemies in the bay area. cash is king in california. why some house hunters are losing out on great deals even though they can afford to buy. stressful day at work? why you should skip happy hour if you want to unwind. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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of a mexican prison, on the u-s nearly 60 escaped inmates are on the run after busting out of a mexican prison on the u.s. bothered. soldiers swarmed the place -- border. soldiers swarmed the place after inmates overpowered guards. seven inmates were killed in the riot before the break. officials say many of the prisoners are connected to local drug cartels in the area near laredo, texas.
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a new videogame based on mexico's drug war goes on sale tomorrow. it has already maidenmies in the bay area. >> reporter: the drug war in mexico that left more than 40,000 people dead seen increasingly gruesome executions, and strained relations with the u.s., now has its own videogame. it's entitled, call of juarez, the cartel. it has plenty of violence, sex, blood, and even more violence. you can play as one of the cops or as one of the many thugs from a mexican drug cartel. >> i was disdusted! >> reporter: marcella heads the mexican heritage corporation. part of their mission is to combat negative media about latinos. >> it was a celebration of evil, period. do i want to pay somebody to portray the celebration of evil and give it to my kid? i don't think so. >> reporter: the san jose-based group is calling for a boycott. congressional leaders in the
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state of chihauhau, where juarez is located, have asked their federal government to ban the game. the game maker issued a statement saying, while call of juarez, the cartel, touches on subjects relevant to current events in juarez, it does so in a fictional manner that makes a gaming experience feel more like being immersed in an action movie than in a real- life situation. how many of you guys would buy this videogame? raise them high. this group of young men, ages 14 to 21, say they like the game because it's current. both derrek dazzle and frankie have a parent who is mexican. frank says it will cause people to lose respect for latinos. doesn't seem like it bothers juneau. just a game. play it if you want. if you don't like it, don't play it. >> reporter: call of juarez is poised for success. the game's facebook page already has 51,000 likes. these days it seems like good graphics and controversy help sell games.
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kiet do, cbs 5. much of the country is sweltering in a heat wave today. no signs of it legislate up, either. more than 40 states will continue to sizzle. temperatures in the 90s or even high they are week. in fact in oklahoma, it's the 28th straight day of temperatures above 100. there are heat advisories in more than a dozen states. as many as 13 deaths in the past week in the midwest are believed to be heat-related. extreme drought in the southwest is affecting local economies, too. it's even hot in iceland at least by arctic standards. people in the capital of reykjavik sweltering in temperatures before 70 degrees fahrenheit. that's pretty darn tropical compared to the usual summer temperatures there which average 50, 60 degrees in the summer and you can see it's warm enough, people flocking to the beaches to cool off. >> that's kind of like here, you know? 70s, heat wave in some parts of the bay area. roberta? >> it certainly is, especially
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along the seashore where temperatures today actually went up in comparison to recent days. this is a scene towards coit tower and telegraph hill, today's high 69 when the average high is 68 so not too shabby at all but you see the gray clouds now pushing onshore. so let's go ahead an confirm this with our latest satellite and you can see those clouds just stacked up next to the seashore and pushing into the san mateo coast working inland by 60 miles. today's temperatures as we kick- started a brand-new workweek 61 degrees in pacifica to 73 degrees in oakland, alameda and in piedmont. outside number was 85 degrees in fairfield and vacaville. numbers one above to still 12 below average for this time of the year. santa rosa average high temperature 186, just checking in at 76. out and about this evening for
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the next sixty minutes, a deepening marine layer will push onshore overnight and everybody becomes cloudy. lunchtime clouds thin out earlier bayside and then play tag with the immediate coast. 50 degrees overnight in santa rosa to 58 degrees across santa clara and into san jose. tomorrow west wind 10 to 20 ushering in a sea breeze but nevertheless temperatures going up. 86 in fairfield. 83 degrees in livermore. the warmest day of the workweek will be midweek on wednesday. 94 degrees inland. then the temperatures gradually slide back down. but dana and allen, looks like for the most part a very benign weather pattern. >> liking that. >> rest of the country would love to have. >> exactly. thank you. well, the government may be cash-strapped, but that is not the case for some home buyers. >> nope. on the consumerwatch, julie watts says that there is a new cash trend. julie? >> reporter: would you believe that 30% of all home sales are
6:17 pm
now cash? >> oh!! >> wow! >> that's high. >> 30? >> reporter: some places it's 50. but first 30% the highest it's been since 1988. it was an all cash offer for $2.75 million just snagged lieutenant governor gavin newsom's home and that san francisco property was on the market for less than a week. from foreclosures to luxury communities, california cash buyers are coming out of the woodwork. some say it's good news a sign that we have hit the bottom of the housing market. but others point out the cash trend is pricing many folks out of homes. cash offers usually beat those that require financing making it even more important for house hunters to get the preapproval. in some states, cash buyers account for half of all home purchases. and speaking of cash, it just might pay to hold off on retirement. today aarp announced it's launching a new social security calculator. it tells you just how much your monthly social security check will be depending on what age you retire. now, a lot of baby boomers are now retiring at the age of 62
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because they need the money. but the calculator shows holding off until age 66 would net a much fatter check. and since the ssa recently stopped sending those annual statements, the calculator is even a handy tool for those of us who won't be able to retire for decades. and finally tonight, in an effort to get you to spend more of that hard earned cash, some stores are appealing to your senses. this brooklyn supermarket is targeting shoppers' wallets through their noses. after installing scent machines that emit chocolate, bread and meat. since smell accounts for 75% of what we taste, it has people spending. sales at that store are up 7% thanks to the machines which cost less than $99 a month. and remember, if you have a consumer story or problem, give us at call 1-888-5-helps-u. have you ever walked into a store and said, i got to buy it because i smell it? >> exactly. >> that's an unfair advantage. >> like whole foods is one
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store that has the prepared foods? they are just one store. i'm not plugging them. but you walk by there and go oh, that would be good. triggers it. >> reporter: or they have the cheese samples, it makes you want to buy it. there is the marketing ploy. >> boy. around every corner. thank you. groundbreaking new treatment for a hard-to-treat brain disorder. how technology is helping where medicine can't. >> the unhappy truth about happy hour. why a cocktail or two after work could make you feel even worse. that's in two minutes. ,,
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man: everybody knows you should save for retirement, but what happens when you're about to retire? woman: how do you go from saving to spending? fidelity helped us get to this point, and now we're talking about what comes next. man: we worked together to create a plan to help our money last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line. oh, yeah. fidelity investments. turn here.
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dr. kim mulvihill joins us with the details. kim. groundbreaking treatment is giving new hope to people with epilepsy. dr. kim has more. >> reporter: doctors in texas are the first in the world to use mri-guided imaging and
6:22 pm
laser technology to destroy lesions in the brain that cause especially. a little boy was one of the first to underget procedure. he used to have uncontrollable giggle fits two to three times every hour. sometimes the 9-year-old would also suddenly become stiff and unresponsive. >> with his seizures there was no telling when or where it would happen. it's scary. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed kagan with epilepsy. medications didn't work so recently he became one of the first patients to undergo a new procedure at texas children's hospital in houston. >> very exciting breakthrough that we think can transform the lives of people living with the devastating disease. >> reporter: in the past, patients like keoghan would have had a craniotomy opening his skull but the new technique allows doctors to enter through a smaller hole, lowering the risk of infection and reducing the recovery time. >> let that laser light into
6:23 pm
the target destroy the lesion without having to create a corridor to get to the lesion. >> reporter: keoghan's family says the procedure has changed their son's life. >> he is noticing things that he never noticed before, like he will notice a sunset. >> reporter: keoghan has been seizure-free since his surgery in march. his doctors say he is cured. now, doctors at texas children's hospital have performed five of these surgeries and patients range in age from 5 to 15 years old. in all cases, the patients have been seizure-free since the surgery and most were released from the hospital within one to five days. >> amazing. >> reporter: really something. and imagine the alternative trying medication after medication and side effects and -- >> life-changing. >> reporter: great news for these kids. >> going to have a normal life. >> reporter: we hope also that we'll be seeing this in adults in the future. >> great, kim. thank you very much. okay. if you had a long hard day at work -- >> ours isn't over yet. >> this is past tense not for
6:24 pm
us. -- happy hour might not help you unwind. a few drinks after stress can make you feel worse. according to a small university of chicago study, drinking alcohol while frazzled can affect the way that your body manages stress. and they say that can actually keep you feeling tense long after the cocktails are over. time is running out to keep the u.s. from doing something it has never done before. coming up, the real deal on the debt debate and what taxpayers really want. and it's groupon gone local. how a new website could help some east bay restaurants fight the recession. >> sometimes they will pop their heads out and you feel like they are choosing you, like come on, come get me. >> they destroy the ground beneath your feet. not for much longer. we'll introduce you to a city's
6:25 pm
secret weapon in the battle against the gopher. and the legal drama over prop 8 about to take center stage again only this time on one of the most famous streets in america. ,, ♪
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vote on tomorrow the president says he would veto a gop plan that the house is set to vote on tomorrow. it's known as cut, cap and balance. it attaches spending cuts and a balanced budget to a debt ceiling increase. democrats want a deal that includes tax increases and four trillion dollars in spending reductions. cut cap and balance isn't likely to make it through the senate where democrats are in control. >> you know, this is a measure that's designed to duck, dodge and dismantle. duck responsibility, dodge obligation, and dismantle eventually if -- it would essentially require the dismantling of our social safety nets, social security, medicare and medicaid. >> not only is this legislation just the kind of thing washington needs right now. it maybe the only option we have if you want to see the debt limit raised at all. >> mitch mcconnell and harry
6:29 pm
reid are said to be workingon an alternate plan to give the president the power to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval. both parties say that's a last resort. a new poll from cbs news suggests the majority of americans agree with the president on what a debt ceiling deal should look like. 66% said it should include spending cuts and tax hikes. 28% wanted spending cuts only and 3% said it should only contain tax increases. as for job performance 48% disapprove of the president's handling of the talks while 43% approve. 31% approve of congressional democrats and 21% like how the republicans are handling it. well, while lawmakers talk, the country just keeps racking up debt. 14.5 trillion dollars and counting. you have heard a lot of talk about the debt ceiling. so what is the big deal? mike sugerman turns to the basics of household budgeting to try to understand the government's money problems.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: the debt ceiling, a trillion here, a trillion there, it all adds up. what's it all about? >> oh, man i can't explain the debt ceiling debate. >> reporter: it might make your eyes glaze over and it seems complicated put it's simple. consider this couple. >> hello. >> hello. >> reporter: together they make $100,000 a year but they spend $140,000 an borrow the rest. to meet their budgets, they would have to cut back 40%. the u.s. is in the same position. the law only allows to borrow a certainly amount but that law has been changed 10 times in the past 10 years and the u.s. then borrowed more but now republicans say it's time to live within our means. do you really need to get your hair done so often? >> yes. what about the golf game and cigars. they cost a fortune. >> that's my relaxation. i'm not giving them up.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: so if they don't cut back we'll have to bring in more money. >> we can don't need to make more money, we need to spend less. >> reporter: the way the governor raises money is with taxes. republicans are against taxes. democrats also say do we really have to do this now? >> the bills are due in two weeks. can't we wait and work on this over the next couple of years? >> reporter: but republicans, especially members of the tea party, are saying, no. >> we have to start being responsible. we owe it to our children. we can't leave them this huge debt. we have lived beyond our means for too long and now we have to change. >> reporter: now some republicans are saying, look, let's make some cuts now then promise to make bigger cuts later. and eventually have a constitutional amendment to have a balanced budget. >> i'm not going to do that. forget it. i'm not going to do that. >> reporter: president obama has promised to veto what's being called the cut cap and balance plan. but what happens if we don't raise the debt ceiling? don't borrow money and can't pay our bills? hey you can't take our stuff away. it's never happened before but
6:32 pm
world financial chaos is predicted. and it's set for august 2 about two weeks from now. look, we have borrowed -- >> we have to do it now. >> reporter: until then, republicans and democrats continue their "discussion." mike sugerman, cbs 5. dozens of san jose firefighters are back on the job but don't expect to see them in the field just yet. the 22 firefighters laid off last year will have to be retrained. they were rehired friday after the city received a two-year federal grant. the firefighters are expected to be back on duty by september. plans are moving forward to merge four fire departments on the peninsula. a san mateo county fire chief is going to print pilot program to the burlingame city council tonight. that program would combine the millbrae and san bruno fire departments with central county fire which serves burlingame and hillsborough. city councils from all four cities have already approved that program. the merger is expected to cut
6:33 pm
operating costs by $1.5 million. 50% off deals are usually what make online coupons so popular. but merchants in one east bay city are offering even bigger bargains. 666 as christin ayers shows us, it's a new marketing program aimed at keeping the money in town. christin. reporter: that's right, this restaurant tower grill in concord along with seven others have jumped on board the bandwagon and joined a website that offers serious savings to anyone just for buying in concord. the margaritas are cold, the fajitas are hot. and the owner of la tapatia restaurant is anticipating a summer of sizzling savings. >> concord has the best mexican restaurant in the bay area. >> reporter: and quite possibly the deepest discounts. the greater concord chamber of commerce just joined forces with >> we are about keeping money local. >> reporter: local retailers off
6:34 pm
a deal of the week, a deep discount voucher up to 90% o the payoff concord customers spend their cash here instead of the thousands of other restaurants the bay area has to offer. >> our businesses will gain new customers, so it's a win-win for everybody. >> reporter: but it's not clear how big of a win a small website can be in the days of groupon. there is stiff competition from other sites. >> this is new. we are waiting to see how it works. >> reporter: ernie guerrero other than of the first restaurant featured, said the website couldn't come at a better time. >> prices have gone up. the cost of business has gone up. and so we're making a little less, working a lot harder. >> reporter: and getting more creative to get customers in the door.
6:35 pm
>> i think it's great. i want little to succeed. >> reporter: she says a deal like today's would bring her in even more often. back at the chamber of commerce marilyn fouler is track the number of deals sold more la tapatia. less than a dozen by lunchtime but this is day one and fowler believes the best is yet to come. >> we think it's going to be a huge success. >> reporter: so far eight restaurants have signed up and are participating. concord hopes it gives them boost they need. >> that food looked great. >> reporter: it did. it did. smelled great, too. >> all right. christin ayers in concord, thank you. new fallout tonight in the phone hacking scandal in britain. the deaths now linked to the case as another power player resigns. and parents' dirty little secret. the surprising number who admit to spying on their kids in front of them. slow-cooked porkr, succulet with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce,
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[ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. california will have a broadway premiere. a new play about the battle
6:38 pm
over same-sex marriage in california will have a broadwa premier. the one night only reading of the play called 8 will be a fundraiser on september 19. written by dustin lance black the oscar winning screen righter of the film milk. california voters approved proposition 8 banning gay marriage. that measure is being challenged in the courts. another shocking development in the british tabloid hacking scandal. the whistle-blower in the case has been found dead. as tina kraus reports the investigation is widening as another top police official steps down. >> reporter: the reporter who blew the whistle on alleged phone hacking at the "news of the world" has been found dead in his home in england. police say shaken here's death does not appear to be suspicion. the development comes on the same day as senior london police officer resigned. assistant commissioner john yates decided not to re-open an
6:39 pm
investigation two years ago into allegations that the paper was tapping phones. >> i have acted with complete integrity and my conscience is clear. >> reporter: his resignation is on the heels of london's police chief stepping down sunday. britain's prime minister is calling for an emergency session of parliament to deal with the crisis. he is also cutting his trip to south africa short as he tries to reassure the public the investigation will be fair. >> the metropolitan police service inquiry must go wherever the evidence leads. they should investigate without fear or favor. >> reporter: rupert murdoch, his son james and murdoch's former british ceo rebekah brooks will likely face punishing questions from lawmakers when they appear before parliament tuesday. brooks was arrested over the weekend and released on bail. she spent hours answering questions about what she knew about hacking while she was in charge. >> she is not guilty of any criminal offense. >> reporter: police have arrested at least 10 people in
6:40 pm
connection with the investigation but no one has been charged with any crime yet. tina kraus, cbs news, london. speaking of hacking, the majority of parents admit to doing something like it to their children. according to a recent survey conducted by an internet security firm, 55% of u.s. parents use facebook to spy on their children. a similar survey in the uk found that some parents even make fake profiles to do that. it's a tough job but somebody has to do it. >> i want to get them. >> meet one city's secret weapon in the war against gophers. the trick she uses to get the job done. >> it's certainly no trick. more of a treat. we're returning more to seasonal temperatures here in the bay area. i'll pinpoint the day this week that will pan out to be the warmest as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. i'm dennis o'donnell live
6:41 pm
in pleasant hill. how popular was the world cup women's final? and mr. wilson goes to washington. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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francisco, you have countless they are a mortal enemy for anyone with a lawn. and if you're the city of san francisco, you have countless lawns to worry about. >> you walk through golden gate park, you're going to see that battlefield, meadows turned to swiss cheese by gophers. but elizabeth cook shows us, the city has a secret weapon in its fight. i want to get him and if i can't get him, i'll think about it, sometimes they will pop their head out and you feel like they are teasing you, like come on, come and get me. i'm sheila bradford a gardener at harding park golf course. for the past 2.5 years, i have been catching a lot of gophers. >> reporter: from golden gate to crocker amazon park, she
6:45 pm
logged more than 5 years mowing lawns and pulling weeds for san francisco recreation and parks. then she found her calling. >> i have a peta card so it's not like i enjoy killing the gophers. but i don't like them in the lawns. they do so much damage. having the mounds and tripping hazards. >> reporter: she was working here alta plaza park and her turf was overrun a mine field of gopher holes. kids struggled to run across the grass. at least one dog broke a leg so shield a strategy and went to war. >> so this is the trap. i ordered them on ebay and i started catching more. >> reporter: enough to reclaim alta plaza and launch a gopher count for the record books. >> see when i started my tally sheet, so the total 1290. he is like my little going to battle mascot. >> reporter: now the war rages
6:46 pm
on at harding park. >> god forbid the greens... >> there it is. >> little shovel. >> reporter: with some simple tools. >> my trusty gopher probe. >> reporter: a little strategy. >> right there. where it gives easily, now that there is a tunnel. >> reporter: some cutting... >> i just put it down there. that's my -- so the gopher doesn't bring it down tie tunnel with him. >> reporter: years of experience. >> i kind of cover that so the dirt doesn't fall on the trap and maybe set it off. >> reporter: and plain old hard work. >> okay. it's nice to be good at something to find out like your forte even though it's like not the best thing in the world to be good at. but, you know, it's nice when people acknowledge it. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> correct me if i'm wrong but if i kill all the gophers they are going to lock me up and throw away the key! [ laughter ] >> takes you back to "caddy
6:47 pm
shack" days. >> only 18 holes on the golf course really. >> beautiful views. first let's head inland. this is the scene from dublin. [ laughter ] >> taking a look towards dabda, high temperature there in the east bay 81 degrees. look at all that abundance of sunshine. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out from the city of san francisco where today topped off at 69 towards oakland, east of the bay there at 7 degrees and yes, that is that deck of low clouds and fog that's now pushing onshore. we are socked in at the coast. we have the clouds and sun mixed now at the bay and we still have temperatures into the 70s inland. here it is. the marine layer, just tracking inland at least a good 60 miles tonight overnight but watch the fog retreat rapidly at least bayside and plays tag with the coast at your lunch hour. we should have ample sunshine
6:48 pm
for your tuesday. this is an area of low pressure. it's been spinning its wheels off the pacific northwest coast. it's finally going to lift north and ee gent to the east and when that happens, it will not be enhancing that marine layer so much. but nevertheless we should see it scrub out tomorrow for your tuesday. bottom line is tonight overnight a blanket of clouds everywhere. lows in the 50s. winds will begin to rotate to the northwest five to ten. they will pick out of the west tomorrow 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours. 7 in the santa rosa. still below average high of 87 degrees. low to mid-80s in sonoma. 78 degrees in mill valley. east of the bay outside number will top off at 86 degrees in brentwood, tracy, oakley, mountain house, as well. and in discovery bay. somebody get that phone over there? okay. looks like temperatures in the 50s and 60s along the coast with partial clearing of the skies. 70s and 80s common around the peninsula. 87 degrees in morgan hill. the warmest day this workweek will pan out to be on wednesday
6:49 pm
when the temperature ushers up to 94 degrees inland. low 70s at the beaches but we'll see a hint of some sunshine and notice it's a quiet and benign weather pattern each day to this time next week. this picture was sent to us by angel and this is like elizabeth in fremont at dusk, it's glorious. keep the photos coming to dennis, where are you? >> pleasant hill. the giants got a special invitation and is there a possible downside to winning a major championship and million- dollar check? there is and the champion reveals it next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
dennis is raising money. >> he is playing golf. >> 3-g? >> no, this is a tough and difficult job. you guys, the community colleges are facing difficult times. a lot of cuts right now. and this golf tournament today raised $100,000 for diablo valley college academic programs an scholarships. so we did a great job. it is my alma mater and that of ann notarangelo. we are both on the speech team
6:53 pm
here at dvc and our fabulous speech coach is going to watch this sportscast. i have to try and nail it. let's first talk a little bit about what happened yesterday across the pond to two teams. darren clarke is the toast of the golf world winning his first major championship at the age of 42. sentimental favorite at the british open his wife died from cancer five years ago. yet he remains one of the most popular players on tour with both fans and his peers. he celebrated late into the night as irishmen should with a guinness or two. his sons will be enjoying the win, as well. >> the boys will be very proud, i think. my oldest is 12. he will be over the moon because he is well into his golf and the younger will think of the money to spend. they are wonderful and i'm lucky to have them. >> another great story that
6:54 pm
happened also in europe. over 13 million viewers watched the women's world cup final on television. sixth largest audience, japan won. yesterday's final set a record for tweets per second according to twitter. the final reached 7,196 tweets per second, more than roberta gonzales, more than the super bowl, kate and william's wedding, the killing of bin laden, and the tweeting included president obama. speaking of the president, elwell come the giants to the white house next monday to personally congratulate them on winning last year's world series. a lot of the giants took a tour two years ago but the president was not there. this time, they will get the full trip and they will be representing the city and the organization. >> i think we'll have a pretty
6:55 pm
good idea. they are well behaved. they may not look it but they are. >> i know he is a baseball fan. so it will be good to just meet him and, you know, for -- i think it will be a privilege to go out there and shake hands. and the as took three out of four from the angels this weekend. yesterday mc hammer was honored with a bobblehead doll and threw out the first pitch but the most famous bat boy said his plan when he joined the team as a boy was to be an entrepreneur and that got the attention of then owner charlie finley. >> when i met mr. finley he asked me what i was doing i told him i had created created my own little business. i made a deal with all the players and any of the tickets that they don't use, to leave for me i sell them and keep wanting to come to the game and once i get in the game any bats you crack any balls that you throw to me i'm going to sell
6:56 pm
them because i come out of here to run my business. and mr. finley said, oh, hammer you don't have to be my competition. come on in and work for me. and he took me straight to his box and that began our relationship. >> and as we all know hammer was somewhat of an entrepreneur. he went on to a very successful recording career. while were you shopping for remote control boats this weekend, here's what you missed. >> sail it up... the ballgame is there, hanging in the air... is it caught? no signal... touchdown! >> the sabercats were eliminated from play-off contention in the cruelest way losing in spokane on a "hail mary." soccer superstar christian in a renaldo wowed the galaxy. can't blame them.
6:57 pm
one of the world's best. sean markham got fowler at first base. but no one flashes the leather like the indians cabrera, the back flip to start the 6-4-3 double play. he is a lock for the gold glove. and who says the celebrity golf in lake tahoe is cracked? former nhl star joe sackic with a tee shot at 17 bounces in for a hole in one. he wasn't sure it's in. finally, gets the word and with that he wins a million dollars half of which goes to charity. that is deserving of a victory lap. >> wow. >> that goes to charity and everything we are doing today goes to diablo valley college to help people get along with their academic life in community college. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc e s only one mouthwash in our home. [ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities
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